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Graticule Mottto

"To the Coke!"

Preferred Raptor Defense System

Velociraptor Species: Crowbar

Aquaraptor Species: Speargun

Officialish Welcome

Welcome! The Providence, Rhode Island graticule is at latitude 41, longitude -71. Note that this graticule contains nearly all of the state of Rhode Island, as well as bits of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the tip of Long Island, NY (it is one of the few known graticules to span 4 US states). And also, possibly, aquaraptors.

Today's Location: [Providence, RI]

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Notable Dates

2008-05-26: First successful water and overall geohash in this graticule!

2008-05-30: First unsuccessful geohash in this graticule!

2008-06-01: First successful land geohash in this graticule!

2008-06-03: First successful Bicycle Geohash in this graticule!

2008-07-12: First successful Public Transport Geohash in this graticule!

Daily Locations

2008-05-26: 41.673128°, -71.607309° Near bridge on Hill Farm Rd., Coventry, RI. Meeting SUCCESSFUL!!! Click for details and pics.

2008-05-30: 41.853102°, -71.244603° North of Winthrop St. (Route 44) in Rehoboth, MA. Geohash UNREACHABLE!!! Click date for details.

2008-06-01: 41.349107°, -71.916239° Behind houses near Stony Brook on Stonington Rd. (Route 1) in Stonington, CT. GEOHASH SUCCESSFUL!

2008-06-03: 41.957992°, -71.128935° Near Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton, MA. GEOHASH SUCCESSFUL! Bicycle Geohash completed by Ben and Grace!

2008-07-09: 41.5924897°, -71.0418876° Near a driveway on Old Oak Run Rd. in Westport, MA. Geohash successful!

2008-07-12: 41.6128965°, -71.2604917° Northern edge of Carnegie Abbey Golf Club property in Portsmouth, RI. Meetup successful!

2008-07-15: 41.9238259°, -71.5172238° Wooded area above private property north of intersection of Routes 116 and 7. Geohash technically unsuccessful, but see hash page for details.

2008-09-04: 41.86017°, -71.062298° Roadside of Carlos Estates Rd. in Taunton, MA. Geohash successful.

2008-09-06: 41.899913°, -71.186548° North of Glebe St. in Rehoboth, MA. Geohash unsuccessful.

2009-01-03: 41.486105°, -71.941018° On Lake of Isles Golf Course. (Route 2), in North Stonington, CT. Geohash successful!!

2009-01-12: 41.690461°, -71.533341° In West Warwick, at the back of private property on Eileen Dr. Geohash unsuccessful.

2009-08-08: 41.564584°, -71.452742° Near Prospect North Kingstown, RI. Geohash unsuccessful!

2009-09-08: 41.5758507°, -71.7359792° In the woods off Ten Rod Rd, About half way between I-95 and the CT border. Geohash successful!

2010-11-03: 41.7207298°, -71.1924789° Near Brayton Point power plant. Geohash successful!

2012-05-13: Near Pine St. in Rehoboth, MA. Unsuccessful - No Trespassing.

2012-06-15: At Lincoln High School. Success!!!

2012-09-22: On route 14/102, just west of Clayville Historic District. Geohash successful!

2012-12-21: In the bike lane of N Main St, in Providence. Geohash successful!

2012-12-26: In someone's front yard near the airport. Geohash semi-successful.

2013-01-22: East bank of the Providence River. Geohash successful!

2013-04-16: In the woods near Barden Reservoir. Geohash successful!

2013-04-24: A parking area behind Exeter-West Greenwich high school. Geohash successful!

2013-06-02: Parker Woodland Wildlife Refuge in Foster. Geohash unsuccessful.

2013-12-12: Veterans Cemetery in Exeter. Geohash successful!

2014-03-02: In the parking lot of a commercial building on Clarkson St, in Providence. Geohash successful!

2014-12-03: In the street, near the intersection of North Main St. and Rochambeau Ave., in Providence. Geohash successful!

2016-11-27 Across from South County Commons in South Kingstown. Geohash successful!


Starting May 21st, Updated to 9/16/08 (attempted/reached/generated)

Land Locations - (7/5/59)
Water Locations - (1/1/61)

Total Locations Reached - 5
Total Persons to Have Arrived - 6


Consecutive Arrivals - 1
Consecutive Saturdays - 0
Most People - 5 (only 2 of this group successfully completed Water Geohash)

Geohasher with most arrivals: 2 tied with 3 each - Ben and Grace


  • Patrick - the inaugural geohash in this graticule will be most...satisfying


  • Yusuke - Slightly disturbed by the above word choice.
  • Tim - Less disturbed by the aforementioned word choice.
  • Shannon
  • The Nihilist
  • Ben and Grace
  • Victor - Can't wait 'till next Saturday.
  • Ian Danskin (!)
  • Bruce
  • Kelley
  • Maria
  • Kyuss - Gadzooks,' quoth I, 'but here's a saucy...crowbar!
  • azsr


5 geohashers earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (41, -71) graticule, here, on 2008-05-26.