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West of -30°: .0546462, .5125065
East of -30°: .2130408, .1882042
Globalhash: -51.652662683204, -112.246496674600 (Nominatim)

Photo Gallery


  • Canberra, Australia -- Joanna and Psud scored a Speed Racer on the hash point.
  • Ems/Rheine, Germany -- Arvid crossed the border to reach this German hash point in a previously unnamed graticule. {edit: I named the graticule Ems, after the river flowing through the graticule only to find out later it is good practice to name it after the largest city, which is Rheine --Arvid 20:50, 25 July 2008 (UTC))
  • Berlin, Germany -- Relet reached this spot and hid a geocache there, then did some circus stunts.

Expeditions and Plans

Canberra, Australia Joanna Joanna met Psud at the usual meeting place, the Glowing Cube for an attempt...
München, Germany AgentSmith These coordinates are located in the Munich, Germany graticule on 2008-07-23. 48.21304°, 11.188204...
Berlin, Germany I GC1EFMC - the cache was first discovered but one day later! :) Image:200807...
Rheine, Germany Arvid Arvid's tracklog showing where he thought the hash was, and where the hash ...

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