2009-09-02 39 -103

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Wed 2 Sep 2009 in 39,-103:
39.2813819, -103.3347528

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Right in the median of I-70 near Arriba, Colorado.



I didn't specifically plan for this geohash at all. In fact, I left internet access before I even knew that the hashpoint landed on I-70, my planned route.


Detailed here: User:Aperfectring/Trip. Basically, we woke up at about 7AM local time, got ready and left before 7:30AM local time (hash-o-clock). Because of this we were unaware that the hashpoint was in such a perfect location for the trip. I was already capturing my tracklogs for the whole trip so that I could post them, so I have pseudo-proof that I went within the radius of uncertainty of the hashpoint. Unfortunately since this stretch of I-70 is almost perfectly straight, and no one ever drives around this area, we were going at a constant speed. This means that the tracklog, to save room, cuts out points, at the expense of absolute accuracy. The line of the everytrail tracklog says we got about 70m away, but they trim very mercilessly. The KML tracks show that we were no more than 20m away, so that is what will be claimed.


From the day kml
For the whole trip kml


See here for photos of the trip, none of the hashpoint: User:Aperfectring/Trip


Aperfectring earned the Curse of Unawareness Consolation Prize
by reaching the (39, -103) geohash on 2009-09-02 without knowing it was there.

If I had actually planned, I would take the Speed_racer_achievement for going through the circle of uncertainty at 78mph. I would also take an honorable mention to the XKCD-100 achievement for traveling nearly 3000 miles from home to get to this point, and traveling nearly another 1500 miles to get back home afterwords, even though it wasn't a Saturday meetup.