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A slightly frozen field 450 metres from the Three Horseshoes at North Cove, Beccles, Suffolk, UK.

Sun 12 Dec 2010 in Norwich:
52.4447425, 1.6258899

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Neil went by car from Beccles to North Cove. The hashpoint was playing hard-to-get. There was nowhere safe to park the car close to the hashpoint, but pedestrian access required walking along the A146 main road. It was about 8pm and very dark. The nearly half moon was setting. It was obviously not a good idea to walk on a road like this so Neil tried to use the parallel cycle track to minimise the dangerous walking. This was not a great success because there was no access from the cycle track to the main road at the required junction. In the end, Neil was able to walk safely on the edge of a field, mostly out of sight of the road. After reaching the hashpoint, he headed for the pub (its lights were visible through the naked winter trees) for a well deserved pint and a "Pub Geohash Award" but they announced themselves closed just as he arrived. Expletives deleted.

Neil failed to get the Pub Geohash award becuase the pub closed seconds before his arrival. The exact same thing happened on his previous expedition. If it happens again, paranoia will set in!

Neil failed to claim a Frozen Geohash because the air temperature was +1.5 C.

In spite of the problem pubs, it was a successful expedition and after yet another closed pub, an open one was located on the way home.

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