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Today's Location: Baltimore, MD

Geohashing day is fast approaching, and it can be discussed on the discussion page.

The Baltimore, MD graticule is at latitude 39, longitude -76. Conveniently, Baltimore is entirely contained in this single graticule. Approximately 15% of the graticule is water.


Local Geohashers

  • Alex Live in Baltimore. I'm very busy but I want to do this when i have days off again.
  • SamECircle lives in Catonsville and is a new geohasher!
  • Will lives in College Park and attended the 7/19/08 meet. He was the one with the british accent and the camera.
  • Casey lives in Harfond County and will visit close geohashes
  • Alexander is a new geohasher and lacks transportation, but will maintain an internet presence until he is able to acquire transportation to western geohashes.
  • Bob lives in Pikesville but can't do Saturdays because he's Jewish
  • Jeff lives in the area but is unsure about visiting a geohash
  • MOE37x3 lives in the area and may visit a geohash if it's near his work on a weekday or near his home on a Sunday.
  • Chris would love to visit a hash nearby, if these other peoples go too.
  • Justin lives just outside the area but is interested in visiting a geohash (perhaps while out Geocaching) on a Saturday.
  • Neal lives inside the area and is interested in visiting a geohash on a Saturday.
  • Roger lives just inside and would like to go but may not be able to get transport.
  • mike In Columbia, close to the Frederick graticule too.
  • Tryke lives in the area and is interested in visiting a geohash on a Saturday.
  • Patrick lives in the area, but is just a bit skeptical of this whole geohash visiting thing.
  • Kat! lives in the area when she's not at school and will try to go, whenever she doesn't need a car to get there.
  • David lives in the city and has no car, but will happily meet when possible.
  • Steve is moving to Towson this weekend and may geohash in the future.
  • Phil lives in the area would be interested in visiting a geohash on a Saturday if possible.
  • Rich lives just inside the area and might go geohashing Saturday. He's also shocked at the number of people who've edited this Wiki page.
  • Austin lives in the city and thinks it would be fun to go on a trek on Saturday afternoons. He also has a car and might be willing to offer rides to those who live in the city, ask nicely, and provide an official Certificate of Not Being a Serial Killer.
  • Marissa lives in the southwest corner, but would come by on Saturdays for places within reasonable driving distance.
  • Dan lives in the county and may try to get to the geohash if he has time and it isn't too far away.
  • Mike will get to one if he has time and it's close enough.
  • Zak lives in Aberdeen, MD (up at the north-east corner of the Bay) and would love to go geohashing on a Saturday afternoon.
  • Katie is stoked for Spring and good geohashing weather! She works til 5:30 on Saturdays, but is going to try on Saturday evenings and/or Sunday afternoons.
  • Savanah Lives in Glenville and would absolutely have to visit any geohash in Hanover.
  • James lives in Harford County and will be seen at nearby geohashes.
  • Andrew lives near Ellicott City, and may be at nearby geohashes...
  • Shawn lives in Pasadena and is new to geohashing, but still interested in it.
  • jason lives in glen burnie, wants to know what's up, and in intrigued by the idea of spontaneous adventure (I'm an ex flash-mobster).
  • Cordelya lives in Churchville, MD (and works in an entirely different graticule). She works on weekends, and hopes to do some geohashing in the Baltimore area on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. She also owns some fun, portable games, the likes of Fluxx, Munchkin, cribbage, and waterproof playing cards.
  • Nate is still learning about geohashing and went to a location on March 17, 2011 and was sad to not meet anyone there. Are people still active? Is there any way of knowing if people are actually showing up? Or is it all a gamble?
  • Tony lives in Lancaster. He also looks for adventures in 40,-76.
  • WhiteDragon lives in the Wrightsville / East Prospect area.

  • Buddy lives in Annapolis and wants to go Saturday
  • Mike lives in Baltimore, but doesn't have a car so he will try to make it to any events within reasonable distance of a light rail stop.
  • Tovah lives in Pikesville, and might be interested in a Sunday afternoon meetup within a 45min(ish) drive.
  • Adam would be interested in going.
  • Rick lives near Annapolis and hasn't been to a geohash yet but will be at the 7/19/2008 meet.
  • Andrew would love to geohash on Sundays, anywhere within an hour of pikesville.
  • jared lives by Patterson Park and also can't do Saturdays 'cause he's jewish, but would hit a sunday morning or evening sometime (or, walk to a Saturday one, especially if it lands in Patterson Park!)
  • josh would love to go geohashing. He lives near the border between DC and Maryland. He is also jewish like jared and as a result would find trouble doing things on Saturday. He would like to one up the "Certificate of Not Being a Serial Killer" to "Certificate of Not Being a Serial Killer nor Sexual Predator."
  • Sean wouldn't mind going to a malaria party, though he hears they aren't that much fun.
  • J_Spade would go if it was close enough to his house to bike there on a Saturday.
  • mgates might show up. Especially if it was inside the beltway.
  • Josh (unrelated to the above Josh) lives near Bel Air. He doesn't have the time nor the money to geohash, but would love to make scones for other hashers if one of the points happens to land in his backyard.

Daily Locations

2020-04-01 39 -76 (39.851955°, -76.268590°) -- On a small field not from the road in rural Pennsylvania -- Ipswichb

2016-05-02 39 -76 on a road near Fairland / Burtonsville -- McKay (talk)

2015-09-26 39 -76 (39.0737960°, -76.9585734°) -- In Fairland, MD, Looks to be next to an exit road for an office building -- Pedalpusher

2013-11-23 39 -76 (39.358312°, -76.810329°) -- At the end of Edrich Way in Randallstown. -- SamECircle

2013-07-07 39 -76 (39.175466°, -76.596378°) -- On a corner in Point Pleasant, MD, close to Marley Creek -- OfficeLinebacker & Allison attended.

2013-06-01 39 -76 (39.647753°, -76.149533°) -- Along some railroad tracks in Port Deposit, MD -- OfficeLinebacker & Allison attended.

2013-05-22 39 -76 (39.012251°, -76.954634°) -- In a forest next to the wide mowed area for power lines in College Park, MD -- OfficeLinebacker attended.

2013-05-19 39 -76 (39.103637°, -76.684083°) -- In a swampy thicket of trees next to the Annapolis Area Christian School in Odenton, MD -- OfficeLinebacker attended.

2013-04-06 39 -76 (39.062474°, -76.734559°) -- In some woods near Fort Meade in Laurel, MD -- OfficeLinebacker attempted to reach the coordinates.

2013-03-27 39 -76 (39.535702°, -76.107431°) -- On a parade ground on an Army Reserve base in Havre de Grace, MD -- OfficeLinebacker attended.

2012-03-24 39 -76 (39.955873°, -76.711531°) -- Pullo Performing Arts Center, Penn State York -- WhiteDragon attempted to reach the coordinates.

2012-03-02 39 -76 (1 Visitor) Alexander stopped by the geohash on his way back home from the Forbidden City restaurant in Westminster, but was thwarted by a no public access zone.

2011-07-03 39 -76 (39.144057°, -76.568971°) -- Freetown, MD -- 100miles1stStep attended.

2011-03-17 39 -76 (39.189184°, -76.788004°) -- A Manufactured home park near Jessup, Maryland -- Nate attended.

2010-09-12 39 -76 (39.329983°, -76.513276°) -- Rosedale, just off of 95, just East of the Rosedale Shopping Center. -- Mike and his mom went to the coordinates.

2010-07-15 39 -76 (39.969743°, -76.625094°) -- Just off a road in a field, southeast of York PA. -- Rhonda attended.

2010-04-24 39 -76 (39.398318°, -76.264563°) -- In restricted waters off the shore of Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood Area -- Cordelya tried to get close to the actual point, then went to a proposed alternate location instead.

2009-11-21 39 -76 (39.116364°, -76.887722°) -- Middle of the street near a playground in Laurel, MD. -- Sapph and family went.

2009-06-20 39 -76 Jevanyn and company stop at the geohash at Arundel Mills Mall on their way down to Wilmington, NC.

2009-03-28 39 -76 (39.204467°, -76.547175°) -- Coordinates near Glen Burnie, MD (3 people visited!)

2008-07-19 39 -76 (39.109403°, -76.88764°) -- Coordinates near Laurel, MD (9 people visited!)

2008-06-13 39 -76 39.576378°, -76.158378° Coordinates located in the middle of a small farm in Churchville, MD. (Zak Visited)

2008-06-07 39 -76 39.501784229045°, -76.114370840919° Coordinates located on the Beach at a Rehabilitation Clinic in Havre De Grace. (No Visits)

2008-05-24 39 -76 39.126648°, -76.547534° Coordinates located on 229th St, Pasadena, MD. (5 people, including Xiagu, visited)

2008-05-23 39 -76 39.400246°, -76.722772° Coordinates located on Evan Way, Pikesville MD. (MOE37x3 visited)

2008-05-22: 39.972874°, -76.238697° Coordinates located near Lancaster, PA. (No visits.)

2008-05-21: 39.179467°, -76.861537° Coordinates located near Columbia, MD. (No visits.)

MOE37x3 earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (39, -76) graticule, here, on 2008-05-23.