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This graticule is located at 53,9. It is split by the river Elbe. Except by boat or swimming you can only cross it via bridges or tunnels located in Hamburg. In the north is Schleswig-Holstein, south the river is Niedersachsen. In Niedersachsen there is the "Wildpark Lüneburger Heide", a nice national park.

According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

74.21%	Fields
6.58%	Roads
5.95%	Forests
4.51%	Natural reserves
3.42%	Settlements
3.38%	Water
1.95%	Highways

Map and stats

Region 53,9 Admin 4.svg

Name code area type Geohash
Niedersachsen NI land 66.8%
Schleswig-Holstein SH land 26.6%
Hamburg HH land 4.3%
Niedersachsen NI incl. waters 68.0%
Schleswig-Holstein SH incl. waters 27.7%

Local Geohashers

  • Hermann is bike powered, living in the west-end. Will try to reach every hash between the river Elbe and "Pinneberg".
  • Arnew is bike/hvv powered, living central. Will try to reach at least one hash ;).
  • Knuff is hvv/feet powered, living cental, not being gps-powered at the moment, will trying to be... somewhere, someday :)
  • Pne is HVV powered, living in Harburg, has only visited one hash so far, is unlikely to be very active. Possibly only Saturday meetups.
  • Wluut is car/hvv powered, living in Harburg, will try to reach hashes, if not too busy.
  • TheXenoreal are actually two people who are car/bike/feet powered.
  • Bierhefe is bike/feet/HVV/car powered, now living in Buchholz.
  • mtu is a HVV/bike powered student of physics living in Hamburg enthusiastic about geohashing.
  • areghoi is a HVV/feet/"Friends with Cars" powered hasher from West-Hamburg and just did his first geohash!!!
  • Hascha is a HVV/feet/Bike/Car powered hasher living in Elmshorn and has just discovered Geohashing (haven't done any yet)
  • Koryu lives in Hamburg, will also geohash in the graticules in Schleswig-Holstein. Car available.
  • Karl_77 is HVV/feet/bike powered. He moved here from the southof Germany and is looking for fellow Geohashers for expeditions near Hamburg.
  • π π π is bike/HVV powered and doing around two geohashes per month, will mostly hash in the south of Kreis Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, and in Hamburg when convenient.

Planned Geohashes

Recent Expeditions

For all expeditions in the this graticule, see Hamburg (West), Germany/Expeditions.
Arrow2.png 2022-09-13 - π π π - on a meadow in Nützen, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-09-01 - π π π - on a paddock for horses in Lutzhorn, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-08-29 - π π π - on a field in Norderstedt, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-08-25 - Leidenfrost - in the hedge of an allotment garden in Stellingen, Eimsbüttel, Hamburg
Arrow2.png 2022-07-26 - π π π - on the parking area of my local Aldi in Ulzburg, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-07-18 - π π π - on an oat field in Lentföhden, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-06-05 - π π π - on a field in Hitzhusen, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow4.png 2022-05-21 - π π π - on the premises of a riding centre in Hamburg-Rissen
Arrow2.png 2022-05-16 - π π π - on a field in Lentföhrden, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-05-04 - π π π - on a flowery meadow in Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-04-14 - π π π - on a big field in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow4.png 2022-04-11 - π π π - on the Autobahn 7, on the leftmost lane coming from the south in Quickborn,...
Arrow2.png 2022-02-12 - π π π - right next to a private garage in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-01-26 - π π π, MikroKosmos - on a communal playground in Norderstedt-Garstedt, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2022-01-08 - π π π - on a muddy field in Bönningstedt, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2021-12-18 - π π π - on a residential street in Ellerau, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow4.png 2021-12-17 - π π π - in a small fenced-off water management facility in Halstenbek, Schleswig-Ho...
Arrow2.png 2021-11-04 - π π π - beside the path along a terraced house in Hamburg-Langenhorn
Arrow2.png 2021-10-21 - π π π - on a field in Hemdingen, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2021-09-10 - π π π - in a forest in Quickborn, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2021-08-27 - π π π - on a sidewalk in an industrial area of Elmshorn, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2021-08-26 - π π π - in a forest near Gut Kaden golf course in Alveslohe, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2021-08-23 - π π π - on a field in Hitzhusen, Schleswig-Holstein
Arrow2.png 2021-08-03 - π π π - on Friedrichsgaber Straße, a busy street in Quickborn-Heide, Schleswig-...
Arrow2.png 2021-07-15 - π π π - on a field in Langeln, Schleswig-Holstein

Special Hashpoints

The 2009-01-09 hashpoint can bee watched live via webcam!


This graticule earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of 2020-01 in the category coordinates reached by being the location of 3 successful expeditions.
This graticule earned the Mostly Active Graticule achievement
for the month of 2020-01 in the category total expeditions by being the location of 4 expeditions.