2024-05-29 45 -121

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Wed 29 May 2024 in 45,-121:
45.6378983, -121.9515122
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On Robins Island, at Bonneville Dam.



I took a long break from work at three, and took off east from the city with Mrs.5000 to Bonneville Dam, a great wonder of Depression-Era hydroelectric engineering in the Columbia River Gorge. This time of year, you can usually do this sort of thing after work at our latitude, but access to the dam complex ends at five. It's almost a Restricted area achievement sort of situation, as you have to check in at a security gate, but the only restriction is that you don't have any firearms, fireworks, or drone aircraft. We didn't, so we were able to roll on in.

We visited the hashpoint itself first, then continued on to the main spillway, which is impressively thunderous. By then it was starting to get towards five o'clock, so we started back towards town. Naturally -- for Americans of a certain age -- we listened to Woody Guthrie's "Roll On, Columbia" on the way home.



Along with being an intrinsically interesting site, this was also a rare accessible point in the part of our home county that extends into The Dalles graticule. So, after 15 years of geohashing, we finally have all two graticules:

Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 earned the Regional geohashing achievement
by reaching a hash point in all 2 graticules belonging to Multnomah County.
2024-05-29 45 -121 g.JPG

2024-05-29 45 -121 g.JPG

It's also obnoxiously close to a Reverse regional achievement in The Dalles graticule for Michael, almost as close as you can get without feeling like you deserve honorable mention. The few westernmost square kilometers of Sherman County are pretty rugged, and are likely to prove elusive for the duration. Or, who knows! There might be an easy hashpoint there tomorrow! That's geohashing for you.

2024-05-29 45 -121 h.JPG

Name Geohash
Wasco County 37.2%
Klickitat County 19.1%
Hood River County 15.9%
Clackamas County 12.9%
Skamania County 12.8%
Multnomah County 1.8%
Sherman County 0.21%