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This user earned the Regional geohashing achievement
by reaching a hash point in all possible {{{region}}} graticules.

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Awarded to anyone who visits a hash in all possible graticules that contain land that is part of a particular political division. For example, someone who attended a geohash that was within Rhode Island borders in both the Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island graticules would be eligible for Regional Geohashing achievement for Rhode Island.

Note that the hash doesn't have to be a Land Geohash, merely both within the political borders, and in a grat that contains suitably designated land. 2008-07-12 47 -122 would check off the Seattle, Washington graticule, for instance. However, 2008-07-28 48 -123 checks off the Victoria, British Columbia graticule for Washington state, but not British Columbia.

The region claimed should be in multiple graticules at least, but if you wish to claim a smaller achievement, there's nothing stopping you. However, the more difficult the region is to get this award in, the more impressive the achievement will be. (Florida, for example, is almost impossible due to the Marquesas Keys graticule).

Some users have created different sorts of regional geohash maps to show progress towards this achievement.

See also: Reverse Regional achievement


Regular proof of reaching a geohash, with one for each possible graticule for a day where a geohash fell within the applicable boundary.

Special Awards

You probably deserve special recognition if you manage to complete a regional geohashing achievement in a short period of time, or combine it with a Multihash.

Regional Geohashing Winners

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Lower Saxony

13 Graticules

North Rhine-Westphalia

11 Graticules

  • relet - Brandenburg, Germany

8 Graticules


6 Graticules

4 Graticules

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2 Graticules

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