2012-08-16 52 1

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Thu 16 Aug 2012 in Norwich:
52.6567681, 1.5583992
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On the west bank of the river Bure, Upton near Acle, Norfolk, UK.




After collecting A Level exam grades for my 60 students and working out that they were better than last year's, a celebratory expedition was in order. The hashpoint was a few miles west of my college. There was a free car park at the end of the cut at Upton. From there it was a 1260 metre dog leg to the hashpoint. Luckily the Google earth view was a couple of metres out. This put the hashpoint about two paces off the river side footpath. Had the error gone the other way, I'd have been wading in the mud of the reed beds. There were several sailing boats tacking down the river and a few motorised boats passed too. The weather was breezy, hot and humid.


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