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Template:Cold geohash

This user earned the Cold geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] while the temperature was {{{temperature}}}.

Copy this template to your user page and fill in the details to display the ribbon for this achievement. You may continue to display the ribbon after someone else has usurped your record with a colder geohash.

This achievement may be taken by any geohasher or group of geohashers who reach the actual coordinates and document a colder temperature than the previous record holder. The best way to document this is by having an actual thermometer in the picture, but a weather report showing the daily high for a nearby location to be below the previous record is acceptable if it beats the previous record by more than five degrees.

As the first winter of geohashing moves across the northern hemisphere, expect this category to be hotly contested. Or coldly contested.

If your geohash was cold, but not as cold as the record holder, you may qualify for the Frozen Geohash achievement.

Current record holder

  • The current record holders are the Five Honorary Penguins from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for completing the 2012-02-26 Globalhash while it according to official sources at the South Pole was -45.3°C and a 13 knot wind.

Previous record holders

  • Josh K thinks he beat the record with 2010-01-04 43 -96 at -28 C. Do I need to get this approved or something? No actual measurement at hash. Nearest airport shows insufficiently cold temperature.
  • the ru reached the hashpoint 2009-02-18 67 21 at -22.9 C.
  • the ru reached the hashpoint 2009-02-13 67 20 at -22.8 C.
  • Bill Minser, starbird, and Evan E may yet lose some of their toes to the -19.6 °C temperature at the 2009-01-24 43 -89 hashpoint.
  • excellentdude sets the mark at -18.9°C! Here's the proof!
  • Tomcat measured an outdoor-temperature of -10.5°C for 2009-01-10 48 12 when having his car parked near the hashpoint (and -12°C while driving the last kilometer).
  • Danatar presents an on-site measured temperature of -9.6°C for 2009-01-08 49 9 (and -9.7°C 100m up the track).
  • Ryo claims the coldest on-site temperature so far with -7,2°C on 2009-01-07 but there might have been colder expeditions (but not mesured at the hashpoint).
  • Adem. 2008-12-06 attempt establishes -9.4°C record, although no on-site temperature data was taken.
  • relet inaugurates the northern hemisphere winter games with a whopping -1.8°C at 2008-10-31 59 11 on the first attempt.
  • UnwiseOwl regains the title with 1.7°C at 2008-09-29 -35 138. Hey, that was actually kind of cold. What's going on?
  • Arvid's third try of the week succeeded: 9.3°C at 2008-09-18 52 6
  • UnwiseOwl and friend braved the wind and the frozen air for a cool 10.9°C hash. Evidence to follow when the bluetooth works.
  • Mikkozzz waded in waist-deep water in lake Urja to reach 2008-08-31 60 24 hashpoint, thus pushing the record down to 14.0°C (air). The water temperature was 13.0°C.
  • Robyn braved not-quite-frozen swamps at the 2008-08-21 55 -114 geohash, to snipe the record at 14.8°C (59°F). (The little gadget on top of the GPS is a digital thermometer).
  • Arvid Nearly froze to death at the 2008-08-20 52 7 hash, at a shivering 66°F (or 19°C). And there was rain too!
  • Ok, I'll go... Ted Claims the coldest Geohash to date, with a temperature of 88°F (that's 31.11° metric), for his participation in the 2008-06-07_37_-121 event. Temperature proof is here. FWIW, I drank a frosty beverage, after the hash...

Honorable Mentions

  • Jevanyn and Gwynnath encountered sub-freezing temperatures at 2008-12-13 41 -74 and 2008-12-14 41 -74. The National Weather Service reported the temperature at 23°F at midnight, which works out to -5°C. A lower temperature had already been recorded, but at the time this was the second-coldest geohash on record.
  • Arvid had the coldest geohash so far at 2008-09-15 52 7, which was 10.2°C at 27m from the hashpoint. But that was as far as he got. He was in shorts, and needed to get to the other side of a very nettled ditch, so he didn't reach the actual coordinates, and thereby failed to qualify for the coldest geohash.
  • Pastori reached the 2015-01-20 63 28 geohash on a date where the air temperature was -31°C. This would be the second coldest on record, and the coldest temperature recorded at a geohash outside of Antarctica. (The current record holder was a globalhash near the South Pole.)