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I'm an instrument-rated private pilot. I may have to dust off the old license in order to effectively make some of these meetups, given the private-property nature of the several I've tried recently.

I typically bring Once Upon A Time as my game.

Geohash meetups attempted

2008-05-24_37_-121 (xkcd) [SCUW] Inadvertently went to the 5/23 location. It was behind private property, inaccessible. Met some very nice ranchers.
2008-05-31_37_-121 (xkcd) [SCUW] Was behind private property, inaccessible. Nearby cafe also closed.
2008-07-19_37_-121 (xkcd) [SCUW] Behind locked gate, could not contact owners. Claimed No_Trespassing_Geohash Achievement.
* (xkcd) = Saturday, official xkcd meetup @ 4pm
* SCUW = Santa Cruz spot under water.

Geohash meetups attended

2008-06-01_37_-121 [SCUW] Made it! Only minor trespassing -- "barely noticeable!" Met some fine folk...
2008-06-07_37_-121 (xkcd) [SCUW] Sat in a hay field in Patterson with some lovely companions. Ate @ Harley's Grub Shack.
2008-08-11_36_-122 Santa Cruz! And GEO came and made GEO-hash :)
2013-05-26_37_-121 [SCUW] (Mouseover Day, observed.) About 1/4 mile from my house.


2008-06-14, -21 and -28 (xkcd*3) where all up in the Northeast end of the graticule, and I wasn't able to make it. Boo on me!
To make up for it, I did some work on The Historic Map Page, and it's working pretty well, now.
2008-07-28_36_-122 Santa Cruz's hash was actually on land! But I didn't find out until late in the evening, and so missed it.  :(
2008-08-02_37_-121 (xkcd) Is a quite convenient spot (someone's house in Campbell), but I'm hosting a pig-roast that day. SC/SF/SJ Geohashers that I've met are welcome, drop me an email.
2008-08-09 (xkcd) Then, this weekend, I'm out pig-hunting. <sigh> Maybe the spot will land very near where I'm headed...  :)
... May, 2009. I've been a total slacker! In my defense, I've been posting weekly "where the spots are" notes to the newsgroup. I also haven't seen much in the way of activity, there. I guess we're all very busy. I actually made 2 hashes since last reporting, but haven't entered them, yet. Need to find the pix on my camera and figure out when/where we were.


NOTE: That's an actual picture of me, in the first one (artist's rendition)!

Ted earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-05-31.
Ted earned the GeoTrash Geohash Achievement
by cleaning up the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-01.
Ted earned the XKCD-100 Achievement
by reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-07.
Ted earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-07.
Ted earned the Circus Geohash Achievement
by performing at the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-07.
Ted was the first person to have earned the Cold geohash achievement
by reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-06-07 while the temperature was 88°F (31.1° Metric).
Ted earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2008-07-19.
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash 1.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
Minesweeper geohash flag.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png Minesweeper geohash empty.png
User:Ted achieved level 1 of the Minesweeper Geohash achievement
by visiting coordinates in San_Jose,_California and 1 of the surrounding graticules.
Is it true that User:Ted earned the OpenStreetMap achievement?
In principle, yes.
But it was Google, not OSM, and his edit is still under review. (2013-05-26 37 -121).
User:Ted earned the Cliffs of Despair consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (37, -121) geohash on 2013-05-26 by that damned dam.
2013-05-26 37 -121-b.jpg
User:Ted earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from Bob to access the (37, -121) geohash on 2013-05-26.
User:Ted earned the 2013 Mouse Over Day achievement
by dancing The Mouseover in the (37, -121) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2013.
2013-05-26 37 -121-b.jpg

  • I was the first-ever achiever of the coveted Cold_Geohash award, setting the record for the coldest Geohash to date, at 88°F :)
    • I'm going to go check & see if I got the hottest, too ;)
Darn! The folks at 2008-06-07_30_-84 beat me with 103°F