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This page is for the graticule in upstate New York. For Rochester, Minnesota, see St. Paul, Minnesota.

Today's location: Rochester, NY
Alternate location: Corning, NY

The Rochester, New York graticule is at 43 degrees north, 77 degrees west. Much of this graticule covers Lake Ontario, making the reachable geohashes very sparse.

Rochester had a very active geocaching community, with a large overlap with the XKCD fan base. Rochester is probably one of the top five geekiest cities in the US by population percentage [citation needed], largely due to the the student populations at the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology, as well as the many engineering jobs provided by industries based in Rochester.

When the day's location ends up in Lake Ontario, we may repair to a secondary location further south, in the Corning, New York graticule (42, -77). Of course, one is still free to float, swim, sail, row, motorboat, jetski, fly, or take whatever other form of aqueous or aerial locomotion to the primary location in Lake Ontario, if one wishes. If the location is ashore across Lake Ontario in Canada, that counts. Life on the border is strange that way, sometimes, and you do the best you can.

If the secondary location ends up in one of the Finger Lakes, on a river, or in some other body of water, we'll just lump it. Get as close as you can, within the bounds of reason and good sense, wave, and take pictures. Semaphore or Morse may be of some use in this case, so plan accordingly.

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somebody earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (43, -77) graticule, here, on 2008-05-21.








2008-05-21 43 -77 First day after the original geohashing post. Location: Spencerport, off of Colby Rd. The geocache Day 0 Geohash for 43, -77 (GC1CGGW) has been published on

2008-05-22 43 -77 Emmett Joseph Hardiman, born 12:15pm

2008-05-24 43 -77 First Saturday after original post. Coordinates are 43.126648°, -77.547534°, which is near the southwest corner of Elmwood and Clover in the town of Brighton, just across I-590 from Twelve Corners.

2008-05-31 43 -77 South of Macedon near the end of a cul-de-sac. Five of us reached and had an epic time frolicking about vacant farmland and patronizing a local diner. Pics inside.

2008-06-07 43 -77 is in Lake Ontario, and our old standby (42,-77) is also underwater in a finger lake, I'm thinking to skip. Oh, and it's not near Mt. Morris like I said earlier, I used Fri's coords on accident :p Buffalo's coords (42,-78) are reasonably close to Nunda, which isn't terribly hard to get to... --danierrr

I will actually be in the Syracuse graticule. --DavidF 15:32, 6 June 2008 (UTC)

2008-06-14 43 -77 It's in lake Ontario again, but the Canandaigua graticule puts it just southwest of Geneva, close by Seneca Lake. The Buffalo graticule isn't too bad, either; it's a little west of Geneseo.

The suggested location is in a public trail area surrounded by protected wetlands, and featuring heron, geese, wild berries and flowers.

2008-06-21 43 -77 Lake Ontario again, so 2008-06-21 42 -77 it was. Subdivision outside of Honeoye Falls. Actual point appeared to have a house on it; did not explore, although the public road passed within 120 feet or so. Ryan and Dawn were there, but didn't see anyone else.

2008-07-05 43 -77 Coords are on land, just south of Brockport. Point reached by danierrr, Sabbrielle, Kyle and Caitlin. Dawn and Ryan honoured the crop by remaining at base camp. Afterwards, the geohashers retired to the Brockport Diner for chocolate milkshakes. Some photos posted; the whole set is on danierrr's Facebook.

2008-07-12 43 -77 Lake Ontario. (42, -77) puts coords east of Dansville. Too far for danierrr!

2008-07-19 43 -77 Land ho! Coords place it smack in the middle of Churchville Park Golf Course, a public park, so we shouldn't have any access issues. Churchville is, from Rochester, on I-490W a few miles before it meets the I-90 to Buffalo. Will someone have a handheld GPS? danierrr doesn't. Impossible to reach the *exact* coords without one. . . Ryan/Dawn? UPDATE: Please to meet at the Anderson shelter, the closest mapped landmark to the geohash. Here's the map of the park: UPDATE PART THE SECOND: Coords reached by danierrr, pics forthcoming. Didn't see anyone else around. Hung out at coords until 5pm, catching up on some reading :)

2008-08-02 43 -77 Land! In Garland, 2mi NE of Brockport. danierrr suggests parking at the end of Clarkridge Dr, a few thousand feet SE of the exact coordinates, although he won't be joining in (sorry!)

2008-08-09 43 -77 We see land again just a few miles North of Newark. diello and boyfriend parked at Peacewood Farm (roughly an hour late) and asked the owner Greg if we could walk toward that post in his crops. Our coordinates led right smack on the post, where we found *shiver* a Japanese Beetle trap. "Is it full?" asked Greg. Check out the pictures on my profile, and you tell me. Don't forget to scroll down for a link to the video I shot.

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