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Welcome to the Geohashing Community Wiki. Geohashing is a method for finding an effectively random location nearby and visiting it, i.e. a Spontaneous Adventure Generator. Geohashing was brought to you by the xkcd webcomic.
The Algorithm, as shown in xkcd comic #426.

Every day, the algorithm generates a new set of coordinates for each 1°×1° latitude/longitude zone (known as a graticule) in the world. The coordinates can be anywhere -- in the forest, in a city, on a mountain, or even in the middle of a lake! Everyone in a given region gets the same set of coordinates relative to their graticule.

As such, these coordinates can be used as destinations for adventures, à la Geocaching, or for local meetups. After the fun, why not document your expedition? The rest of us would love to read your story, see your photos, and cheer your success (or commiserate with your failure). You can use this wiki to document the daily coordinates (geohashes) you’ve been to or tried to reach.

Disclaimer: When any coordinates generated by the Geohashing algorithm fall within a dangerous area, are inaccessible, or would require illegal trespass, DO NOT attempt to reach them. Please research each potential location before attempting to access it. You are expected to use proper judgment in all cases and are solely responsible for your own actions. See more guidelines.

Official xkcd meetups

Rhonda, Robyn and Wade at the 25 April 2009 coordinates for Vancouver, BC, Canada

Official xkcd meetups happen every Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m.(*) at that day’s normal geohash coordinates. It is considered a Saturday meetup if you are there at 4:00 p.m. or if you meet people, but you are most likely to encounter other readers of xkcd if you go at the designated time. Bring games!

You're encouraged to geohash on any day of the week that the coordinates are accessible to you, but if you attempt one meetup all week, make a little extra effort to have it be on Saturday. All meetups start at 4:00 p.m. or as designated on the graticule page.

There's even an achievement for making it to 100 Saturday meetups.

*In some areas, 4:00pm is too close to sunset during the winter, so earlier meetups are often more appropriate. See individual graticule pages for local conventions.

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Getting started


The coordinates for the next Saturday meetups, scheduled for 3 October 2020, will be based on the Dow’s opening price published at 09:30 EDT (13:30 UTC) on Friday 2 October. See to convert this time to your local time zone.

Gallery of Recent Expeditions