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Salt Lake City's graticule is at latitude 40, longitude -111. All things considered it's a pretty good graticule. It is almost exclusively land, including several national forests. Terrain is easily the largest obstacle, as the Wasatch Mountains cut right through the center of the graticule, but mountains are traversable.

The graticule contains (from north to south) Kaysville, Salt Lake City, West Jordan, Sandy, Orem and Provo. Additionally, the Brigham City/Salt Lake graticule as well as the Layton and Ogden graticule share this page. For meetup days that are inaccessible in the Salt Lake graticule, or that are in areas out of range of most SLC geohashers, we may opt to meet in these graticules instead.

The nearby Ogden graticule also uses this page for planning meet-ups, due to many users being split between the two areas.

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Expedition Planning

If you are planning an expedition or a meetup or wish to do so, please leave a link to the expedition page. Postings in the past should be moved to the lower section.

Past Expeditions

Active Participants

  • McKay I look at the hashes most days. I'm willing to do a little hike. I'd love to see someone else there.

Inactive Participants

  • Merlyn Getting ready to get serious about this
  • Taylor (Most Mondays and Fridays. If the geohash is inaccessible then I might do the graticule to the north instead (I live in the Layton area).
  • Fredward ~ I'm interested, but I'm a student, so I have rather limited time and transportation. Anyone in Provo area care to pick me up for Saturday meets? (Gone until late August)
  • Shadowkhas Sounds like fun! I'm mainly available weekends for the next couple of weeks (school), but then over the summer, any day afternoon is fine with me!
  • Merrick Kite ~ I will now have time to explore on Saturdays, I realize winter will be setting in... (edit on 10/29/09)
  • Kaldric I live near Logan, so I will mostly participate in the Ogden graticule, but I may be able to hit some other areas as well.
  • Brad Sounds like fun, though transportation will be an issue for me. Anyone in the Provo area: rides please? :)
  • Rob I live in the Provo area, and I'd like to try one Saturday. I don't have a GPS, but I could provide a ride when I have time. I'll have to see where it is this Saturday and next (June 14th and 21st)
  • russblv Hailing from WVC. May be able to show up on intermittent Saturdays.
  • Shaun I'm in Orem and I really want to do one of these. Or more! I could provide transportation to one with a little gas help (and inasmuch as my Mitsubishi Mirage can do so). Anyone want to commit to next Saturday's (28 Jun 2008)?
  • starrarte I'll be relocating shortly to the U of U for the school year and will try to make it out to as many geohashes as I can. I may visit home to participate in the Ogden graticule over weekends if that proves to be more accessible.
  • imfrog2002 I'm a geocacher that won't mind getting out and trying this! I can't wait to do a few! I live in the Salt Lake area, but will probably travel to some of them, as long as there's caches nearby!
  • UnicornSquid Student in Provo and willing to come (but probably won't have time) Also, transportation. Will take upon job of recruiter (maybe).
  • Pardey I'll probably be doing this intermittently, but I have all the right gear and a car. Hoping to make it to a Saturday meetup one of these days...
  • Chariot I live midway between Salt Lake and Provo.
  • GarafaJon In Provo, ready to go. Anybody still around?
  • Geohashgirl Looks like fun!
  • Smitmk In SLC, brand new to this. Are people active?
  • Haberdasher will be visiting the area around SLC in late July 2013. Anybody still active in the area?


McKay earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (40, -111) graticule, here, on 2008-05-24.