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This page/section documents hash expeditions that geohashers wish they could make, but have not been able to for the reasons stated.


  • 2022-03-04 59 18 is located within a nautical mile from my little cottage in the archipelago of Stockholm. I prepared an expedition, but the outboard motor didn't start due to the cold weather. It would have been possible to swim to the hash if it had been summer, but now it became a non-expedtion.


  • On a sidewalk of a major road conveniently off of I-40, but I'm not setting foot in your haunted plague city. Arlo (talk)
  • 2020-07-22 global is next to a railway station about 150 miles from me. If I had more free time I would have actually considered it, but going there and back will take all day and then some. Might do it as a retro. January First-of-May (talk)
  • 2020-07-17 global is located in Hungary and in the same graticule as 2015-07-21 global, almost exactly five years earlier.
  • 2020-03-22 53 6 and 2020-04-15 53 6 - Within a month, Borkum is hit twice. Fippe would like to hash there to complete the regional geohashing achievement for Lower Saxony. Besides Borkum, the only Lower Saxonian land in this graticule is the western half of Juist, a few even smaller islands, and an even smaller piece of the main land. However, due to the Corona pandemic, Fippe cannot go.
  • 2020-03-15 51 14 - The spot itself is nothing special (just outside a village), but it is in the Polish part of the graticule which still I need to visit for my reverse regional achievement. Now, about 15% of this gracitule are in Poland but most of that is barely reachable from Germany, as there are not may bridges across the Neisse river (which is the country border) and most of the river is bordered by wilderness on one or both sides so you can barely reach it. But the spot is in that tiny corner of the graticule that can be reached by bike from Görlitz (which is a medium-sized city with a good train connection from Dresden), the day was a Sunday, I didn't have to work that day and the weather was okay. Why didn't I go, then? Because, in order to fight the corona virus pandemic, Poland had closed the border at midnight of the same day so I wouldn't have been able to enter the country. - Danatar
  • 2020-02-29 51 -2 - Right inside a solar farm, between the panels! I actually made some attempts to get contact details of the owners, to see if I could get permission to enter, as it would have been extremely awesome. Sadly, it was quite hard to find these details, and I opted for the neighbouring Swindon hash instead. --Macronencer (talk)


  • 2017-06-21 32 -117 - on the bank of Badan Reservoir, about 100km west of Nanjing, China.
  • 2017-06-21 31 -121 - beside (or on top of) an apartment block in suburban Shanghai's south-east.


  • 2015-09-15 41 -70 - just below the high tide mark on the north shore of private island Nashawena - all we need to do is hijack the Martha's Vineyard ferry for the ultimate drag-along my kingdom for a boat almost trespassing hash (below high tide mark is legal!)
  • 2015-09-11 -9 147 - Just off Pari Road south of Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea.
  • 2015-09-11 -32 152 - In the 'fast' (110kph) southbound lane of the Pacific Highway, between Buladelah [Bull-ar-dee-lar] and Karuah [Car-oo-ah], New South Wales, Australia.
  • 2015-08-12 -22 166 - In a semi-rural area at Dumbea, north of Noumea, New Caledonia. I'd love to be there, with friends.
  • 2015-08-12 -28 153 - In the fast lane of the Gold Coast Highway, southbound, near Currumbin Bird Sanctuary, Queensland AU. We used to have a family house near there.
  • 2015-07-25 global -- Near a country road, in eastern South Australia's grain-belt. SURELY, some GeoHasher from South Australia or western Victoria has gone here!???
  • 2015-07-26 -34 148 - south-bound lane of the Hume Highway near Young, New South Wales, Australia - hundreds of cars and trucks will pass through the hash at 110kph. SURELY one GeoHasher will be among them.
  • 2015-06-06 global - Globalhash S 18°20.381 E 142°58.302 - This appears to be "in the middle of nowhere" in north-east Australia, until I realised that the national highway #1 passes ~10km north and there is a side road (dirt) passing ~200m from the globalhash. It is reachable, if someone was driving this highway route. I'm in the same country, but several thousand kilometers away.1PE (Canberra) (talk) 19:25, 5 June 2015 (EDT)
  • 2015-06-01 -10 105 - On land in the Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) graticule! About in the middle of the island in the National Park, and not far from a road. In practice, inaccessible; except for the locals and government staff.1PE (Canberra) (talk) 02:04, 1 June 2015 (EDT)
  • 2015-05-27 42 -70 - On the grounds of the Moorland Inn, Truro, MA. This is near the end of Cape Cod, and most unusual to have this graticule's hash land on dry land, never mind a good place to visit. I can't begin to get there, but hopefully someone vacationing in and around Provincetown can swing by.....
  • 2015-05-22 52 4 - near a taxiway between the 18/36L and 18/36R runways at Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, Nederland. Impractical because of needing "airside" access; possible to get near for anyone who is crew or passenger on that taxiway. 1PE (Canberra) (talk) 01:45, 22 May 2015 (EDT)
  • 2015-04-04 global @ 45.285189,-109.465255; Luoma Ranch Road, [guessing] 15km north-west of Red Lodge, Montana, also near the north-west corner of Wyoming; 50m from beside a road that is beside a small airport; drive or fly.
  • 2015-01-21 41 -87 On a residential sidewalk, one half mile south of Bachelors Grove Cemetary in Midlothian, Illinois, said to be one of the most haunted places in the country. Mystrsyko (talk) 12:02, 21 January 2015 (EST)


  • 2014-12-22 33 130 Near the top of a mountain about 500m west of the Daihakata Country Club in Chikushi district, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan. But, you would be over the tunnel for the Kyushu Shinkansen (Bullet Train).1PE (Canberra) (talk) 20:04, 21 December 2014 (EST)
  • 2014-11-26 global In a farmer's field, about 10km south of Tal Abyad (Arabic: تل أبيض‎ Tal Abyaḍ; Kurdish: Girê Sipî), a Syrian town located along the Balikh River within the Ar-Raqqah Governorate, and a further 2km from Akçakale in Turkey. Apart from the farmers, this might be a troubled place to be. 1PE (Canberra) (talk) 17:01, 25 November 2014 (EST)
  • 2014-09-23 global In the coastal national park/forest about 15km north-east of Bintulu, in Sarawak, East Malaysia. It's only several hundred metres from the palm oil plantation roads. Bintulu has the largest single gas manufacturing complex in the world, with a significant 'expatriate' population, so there are potentially many nerdy geohashers.1PE (Canberra) (talk) 21:42, 22 September 2014 (EDT)
  • 2014-08-29 31 35 Drive or walk along the mostly deserted (no buildings) Kadish Luz Street, West Jerusalem. The hash is beside a pipe access cover. 1PE (Canberra) (talk) 23:49, 28 August 2014 (EDT)
  • 2014-08-29 global An easy walk from a road in the western United States. Unfortunately, it's in Montana, and I have commitments in California, so I couldn't make it there in time for midnight even if I had a car at hand. Codae (talk)
  • 2014-08-27 28 77 In the outskirts of Delhi, India, at the rear of an upmarket country estate house in the Dera Mandi district. I'd love to knock on that door./gate.1PE (Canberra) (talk) 00:16, 27 August 2014 (EDT)
  • 2014-04-30 49 -2 This was pretty much on the beach, on the island of Sark! It's unusual enough for the Channel Islands to be hit at all, but a beach (or small boat) hash on Sark is something else. Wish I could have been there. Macronencer (talk) 08:10, 2 May 2014 (EDT)
  • 2014-02-18 52 4 THE place to waste your time [1] On the dock of the bay no less. But, the restricted part of the naval base. JwB (talk)09:52, 18 February 2014 (CET)
  • 2014-01-30 Global Hash [2] 28N 126E South China Sea, north-west of Okinawa. I have a friend sailing through this area at the moment, about 240km South East so perhaps two days sail from this GH. However, there is no chance of 'diverting' him today. Hence, no chance of various achievements (he is capable of navigating by compass AND sextant, has a cat onboard the yacht to pat, etc.) A pity! 1PE (Canberra) (talk) 17:30, 29 January 2014 (EST)
  • 2014-01-11 -34 149 [3] ON the south-bound track of a bendy bit of the Melbourne, Australia to Sydney, Australia main train line, near Gunning, New South Wales (west of / in the graticule of Goulburn, Australia) -- SOMEONE must be on a train! 1PE (Canberra) (talk) 18:09, 10 January 2014 (EST)