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Sydney Opera House

The Sydney graticule lies at -33 degrees latitude, 151 degrees longitude.

Sydney is Australia's largest and oldest city, and is full of interesting places and twisted, hard-to-find streets. It is a rich cultural tapestry with hidden surprises lurking around every corner, waiting to be found.

In other words, it's perfect for geohashing.

Sydney Surrounds

Metropolitan Sydney's vast urban sprawl has led to its occupation of two graticules (well, four really, but only just). To the West lies the Blue Mountains graticule. This area includes much of Western Sydney as well as the Blue Mountains themselves. On days when the Sydney target falls in the Pacific Ocean, there is often a suitable location in this graticule.

To the South-West, the outlying suburb of Campbelltown is firmly within the Wollongong graticule, whilst Sutherland lies in the graticule directly South that is almost entirely ocean.


Dow Jones opens at 9:30 EDT, which is 11:30pm local time to us in Sydney.
Weekday meetups take place at whatever time specified, usually around 4pm on days achievable.

Weekend locations (Saturday/Sunday/Monday/Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday) are available on Friday night.
Weekend meetups in the Sydney graticule are currently scheduled for 3pm Sunday, unless another time or day is specified.

Upcoming Locations

Leave comments, plans and speculation regarding upcoming meet-ups here.

Previous Expeditions

Arrow2.png 17th Nov, 2016 - Newport - success in a suburban driveway.
Arrow4.png 3rd May 2013 - Wollongong - A two day cycle tour with a failed attempt and a missed opportunity.
Arrow2.png 3rd March 2013 - Sutherland - In the Towra Point mangrove reserve near Cronulla.

Arrow6.png 19th January 2010 (Sunday) - Sydney - Hands Lane near Central Station. Easy, easy, easy, if you live or work in the city, or anywhere else. Getting to the city is pretty simple for most folk.
  • will probably be there Gormster 00:32, 19 January 2010 (UTC)
Arrow6.png 13th September 2009 (Sunday) - Sydney - Newington Armory, Homebush. Here's what's great about this - it's in one of the most interesting parts of Sydney, easy to get to by rail, bus and car, and close to heap of great food and bars in Olympic Park.
  • sweet, i can totally do this one. --rikkyc 20:55, 11 September 2009 (UTC)
  • i'll be there. Gormster 22:57, 12 September 2009 (UTC)
    • DAMN IT! i wasn't at home and i totally forgot! sorry buddy! --rikkyc 06:05, 13 September 2009 (UTC)
Arrow6.png 2nd August 2009 (Sunday) - Sydney -
  • Anyone planning on going please list names (for maybes include a tilda first):
Arrow6.png 25th July 2009 (Saturday) - Sydney -
  • attempting visiting the blue mountains graticule geohash location. 4pm is planned. --PeterTaylor
Arrow6.png 19th May 2009 (Tuesday) - Sydney - Ingleside, off Mona Vale Road.
  • I'm probably gonna hit this one at about 2:30pm. Gormster 00:34, 19 May 2009 (UTC)
Arrow6.png ALTERNATE 28th April 2009 (Tuesday) - Sutherland - In the Royal National Park. 5 km bushwalk from Heathcote.
  • Am very keen for an adventure! Am free all day. --Kate 15:12, 27 April 2009 (UTC)
Arrow6.png 19th April 2009 (Sunday) - Sydney - About 2km off the shore of Narrabeen beach.
  • If anyone has a boat - even a tinny or a rubber ducky, it's not that far off shore - I'll bring the GPS and a case of beer. 00:41, 19 April 2009 (UTC)
Arrow6.png 14th April 2009 (Tuesday) - Sydney - Outside the front of 71 Holden St, Gosford.
Arrow6.png ALTERNATE 13th April 2009 (Monday) - Wollongong - On the service road outside 200 Junction Rd, Ruse (near Campbelltown).
Arrow6.png ALTERNATE 10th April 2009 (Friday) - Blue Mountains - Small area of accessible bushland off Ace Ave, Fairfield.
  • Watties and I will be there at 4pm. Anyone else interested? --CJ 23:10, 9 April 2009 (UTC)
Arrow4.png 25th July 2009 (Saturday) - Blue Mountains - Fail due to area closure in Prospect Reservoir.
Arrow2.png 18th July 2009 (Saturday) - Sydney - An easy geohash in Padstow opposite a service station offering delicious slushies.
Arrow4.png 30th March 2009 (Monday) - Sydney - Failed attempt in a security area of Port Botany.
Arrow2.png 8th March 2009 (Sunday) - Blue Mountains - Successful bushland geohash in the north of Sydney.
Arrow4.png 4th March 2009 (Wednesday) - Sydney - Defeated by nature in Garigal National Park.
Arrow2.png 2nd March 2009 (Monday) - Wollongong - An Admit One geohash within the Mt Annan Botanic Gardens.
Arrow2.png 14th February 2009 (Saturday) - Sydney - Another rainy geohash, this time for a Saturday meetup in Longueville.
Arrow2.png 12th February 2009 (Thursday) - Blue Mountains - A rainy geohash in Toongabbie suburbia.
Arrow2.png 11th February 2009 (Wednesday) - Sydney - Multiple meet-ups occur throughout the day and night in the suburb of Rozelle.
Arrow2.png 29th January 2009 (Thursday) - Blue Mountains - A small area of burnt out scrub in Mt Druitt.
Arrow2.png 16th January 2009 (Friday) - Sydney - Bushbash geohash in Sydney's Middle Cove.
Arrow2.png 24th December 2008 (Wednesday) - Sutherland - Christmas Eve geohash for the first ever in the Sutherland graticule!
Arrow2.png 24th October 2008 (Friday) - Blue Mountains - Another suburban geohash, this time in Sydney's western suburbs.
Arrow2.png 20th October 2008 (Monday) - Sydney - A suburban geohash in Sydney's northern suburbs.
Arrow2.png 8th October 2008 (Wednesday) - Blue Mountains - An easy geohash on Madonna St, Winston Hills.
Arrow2.png 6th October 2008 (Monday) - Sydney - Surprisingly difficult-to-reach bushland in an industrial area in North Ryde. One group of geohashers succeeded.
Arrow2.png 2nd October 2008 (Thursday) - Blue Mountains - A construction site at Lyn Parade, Prestons. Geohashers fail to meet each other successfully.
Arrow2.png 23rd September 2008 (Tuesday) - Sydney - 41 Patricia St, Marsfield. Sleepy Suburbia Geohash.
Arrow2.png 19th September 2008 (Friday) - Sydney - Etival St, Whale Beach. Pirate Geohash-Arrrr!
Arrow2.png 10th September 2008 (Wednesday) - Sydney - Small parkland off the Pacific Highway in Wyong/Wadalba. One hell of a trek!
Arrow2.png 6th September 2008 (Saturday) - Sydney - 28 Swanson St, Erskinville. Midnight Geohash!
Arrow2.png 5th September 2008 (Friday) - Blue Mountains - Western Sydney Recycling Centre, St Mary's. Permission gained to access private property!
Arrow4.png 1st September 2008 (Monday) - Sydney - Bushland off the end of Mansfield Rd, Arcadia.
Arrow4.png 31st August 2008 (Sunday) - Wollongong - Restricted water catchment area near Nepean Dam.
Arrow4.png 21st August 2008 (Thursday) - Blue Mountains - Clifton Ave, Kemps Creek, Western Sydney. In a dark paddock.
Arrow4.png 14th August 2008 (Thursday) - Sydney - Half Moon Bay, Berowra Waters. Beyond a 'No Entry' sign.
Arrow2.png 11th August 2008 (Monday) - Blue Mountains - The quiet suburbia of Henry St, Baulkham Hills.
Arrow2.png 29th July 2008 (Tuesday) - Sydney - Just behind a hedge on Lane Cove Rd, North Ryde.
Arrow2.png 27th July 2008 (Sunday) - Sydney - An industrial building in North Ryde. Heavy rainfall also came along.
Arrow4.png 6th July 2008 (Sunday) - Blue Mountains - Located in a paddock near Windsor. Access was denied due to the hash being on private property.
Arrow2.png 22nd June 2008 (Sunday) - Sydney - Alkira Cct, Beacon Hill next to the park. Kite flying fun!
Arrow2.png 20th June 2008 (Friday) - Sydney - Cotswold Rd, Strathfield. Right in the middle of the road.
Arrow2.png 1st June 2008 (Sunday) - Wollongong - Park Rd, Woonona. Just near the train station.
Arrow4.png 26th May 2008 (Monday) - Blue Mountains - Kristine St, Winmalee. Located in a private backyard. No access.
Arrow2.png 25th May 2008 (Sunday) - Sydney - Long-Term Carpark at Sydney Airport. Sydney's first geohash!

Local Geohashers

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