Utrecht, Netherlands

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The Utrecht, Netherlands graticule is at latitude 52, longitude 5. It contains the cities of Utrecht, Amersfoort, Apeldoorn, Lelystad, Hoorn en Heerenveen. It contains the entire IJsselmeer lake, but still the largest part of this graticule consists of land.

This graticule was the first one outside the United States described at this wiki.

Today's Location

[2021-04-12 Utrecht, Netherlands]

Notable Dates

2008-06-08 52 5 First recorded geohash attempt in this region.

2008-07-26 52 5 Near Almere. WookieTrash en Azijn apparently missed out on meeting up, because they probably didn't expect others to actually show up!

2008-08-09 52 5 De Meern. Joris visited this graticule and reached the location.

2008-09-20 52 5 Near Kampen, at the edge of the Ketelmeer, but opposed to what google maps suggests, not on accessible land. Arvid went there.

2008-11-07 52 5 This is CO2's first expedition. Replica of a great old sea-ship in this one.

2010-06-22 52 5 And CO2's second expedition within this graticule. This one was actually successful.

2012-03-07 52 5 Most recent hash as of this update. Done by Freeze_XJ.

2012-03-30 52 5 On this epic day, 7 people (tried to) reach the hash. This graticule is ALIVE!

2012-05-24 52 5 Three people reached the hash independently, but neither of them met another...


Currently active

CO2 Lives near Utrecht. I have been geohashing since 2008 and am still (kinda) active as of 2014. I do not hash very often, but if anyone wants a meet-up in The Netherlands, please contact me.

Freeze_XJ is a friend of CO2's and occasional geohasher.

Georgina is visiting Eindhoven from the other side of the world, doesn't really have a good idea of the geography in the Netherlands, notes that travelling by train from Amsterdam to Eindhoven takes less time than it does to cross the city of Sydney (by car or public transport) and would love to meetup one Saturday in March 2012.

Moved away

Eupeodes lived in Wageningen (which is actually in 51,5, but since he is lazy he also visited points in 52,5 if these were closer). He moved to 53,4 in 2014.

Probably inactive

Azijn lives in Utrecht, and played for the first time at 26-07-08. He's lazy enough to play in other graticules, such as Zuid west Nederland / Antwerpen if the coordinate there is closer.

Nubilosus lives in Amersfoort, and wants to play but thinks this graticule is way too inactive.

Cascade lives next to Nubilosus and thinks the same.

Forthur lives in Ede, and thinks that as soon as we have enough people complaining about there not being people here, we can stop complaining.

GeneralDusty lives in Vleuten (near Utrecht) and thinks that Forthur has a point.

Math1985 agrees with all of the above.


Kevin lives in Driebergen and thinks that we've got enough people here complaining to stop complaining about the lack of people.

Conorach Is from Utrecht, has transportation available and would love to meet up with other people in the Utrecht graticule. However, whenever he checks the daily coordinate it ends up being somewhere on the IJsselmeer. He proposes that everyone keeps in mind the weekly meetup and tries to be there more often.

Jan Willem Lives near Amersfoort, in Bunschoten. Will try to be there on Saturday meetings if the coordinates are somewhere on land. Hope to see you soon!