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I stumbled across the geohashing phenomenon while trawling through old xkcd cartoons, and the concept appealed to my adventure seeking inner geekiness. I'm keeping my eye out for the local, easily accessible hashes, and maybe go further afield on the weekends - usually dragging my partner JimmyNZ along, as that particular model comes with a GPS as well as petrol money. =)

Every morning I religiously check the geohash coordinates: the more time that passes, the more frustrated I become at Auckland's slender shape as a huge proportion of the hashes either end up in the surrounding ocean or in the surprisingly large quantity of bush that still remains in the area. If not, then the hash either lands a mile away from my current location, or in people's farms/lifestyle plots. Oh well, looks like this has become a long weekend hobby. Still, I'll keep looking and waiting, like us all, in anticipation of the perfect geohash!


I live in the Auckland, New Zealand graticule, the Manukau City, New Zealand graticule is pretty close, and have visited and claimed a couple of hashes in the South Waikato, New Zealand and Hamilton, New Zealand graticules while passing through. Got lucky in Christchurch, New Zealand while I was there briefly too. These days, I seem to be spending a bit of time in Palmerston North, New Zealand, wait out!

Pages I Maintain

I maintain the following pages, being ones that I have visited and added an expedition. Its a simple enough job as the sum total of people geohashing in the whole of New Zealand is probably about three!

Hashes Reached (34)

  • A map of my hashes can be found here: [1]. Thanks for the map NWoodruff!
  • Ribbons I've attained see here:
Arrow2.png 2012-04-29 - Roadside, Draper Rd, Lake Waikare
Arrow2.png 2012-01-27 - Beach, Anawhata, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2012-01-16 - Paddock, Whenuapai, Auckland Couchpotatogeohash.gifWalk.PNG
Arrow2.png 2012-01-09 - Driveway, Northcote, Auckland Hashcollision.png
Arrow2.png 2011-12-19 - Woodhill Forest, Muriwai, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2011-11-04 - Roadside, Balmoral, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2011-10-11 - Roadside, Glen Innes, Auckland Puppetmaster2.png
Arrow2.png 2011-10-05 - Woodhill Forest, Auckland Gift.PNG
Arrow2.png 2011-10-02 - Paddock, Henderson, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2011-09-27 - Paddock, Dairy Flat, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2011-07-10 - Park, Northcote, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2011-07-04 - Paddock, Waiouru, Wanganui Virgin-graticule.png
Arrow2.png 2011-03-28 - Road Side, near Rolleston, Christchurch
Arrow2.png 2010-12-26 - Median Strip, Albany, Auckland Geotrashribbon.png Lightcycle.png EasyAsPi.PNG Walk.PNG Bus.PNG
Arrow2.png 2010-11-04 - Estuary edge, Whenuapai, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2010-10-25 - Paddock, Te Rore, Hamilton Gift.PNG
Arrow2.png 2010-10-22 - Driveway, Herald Island, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2010-10-19 - Beach, Glendowie, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2010-10-13 - Park, Northcote, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2010-10-06 - Median Strip, Lincoln Road, Auckland Compass.jpg Lightcycle.png
Arrow2.png 2010-09-14 - Backyard, Bucklands Beach, Auckland Compass.jpg
Arrow2.png 2010-09-01 - Waitemata Golf Course, Devonport, Auckland Compass.jpg Consecutivegeohash.jpg
Arrow2.png2010-08-31 - Backyard, Remuera, Auckland City Compass.jpg Consecutivegeohash.jpgCubiclehm.png
Arrow2.png2010-08-10 - Driveway, Whangaparoa Peninsula, Auckland
Arrow2.png 2010-08-08 - Beach, Musick Point/Te Waiarohia, Auckland Drag-along.png Consecutivegeohash.jpg XKCD 235 kite 2.jpg
Arrow2.png 2010-08-07 - Chamberland Park Golf Course, Point Chevalier, Auckland Compass.jpg Consecutivegeohash.jpg Geotrashribbon.png
Arrow2.png 2010-07-20 - Driveway, Kohimarama, Auckland Compass.jpg Cubiclehm.png
Arrow2.png 2010-07-13 - Paddock, South Mangere, Auckland Compass.jpg Geotrashribbon.png
Arrow2.png 2010-07-07 - Roadside, Hunua, Hamilton Compass.jpg XKCD 235 kite 2.jpg Gift.PNG
Arrow2.png 2010-06-24 - Shakespear Regional Park, Whangaparoa Peninsula, Auckland Compass.jpg Lastmanstanding.png
Arrow2.png 2010-06-04 - Roadside, Morrinsville, Hamilton Speedracer.png Geotrashribbon.png
Arrow2.png 2010-02-01 - Paddock, Near Arataki, South Waikato Gift.PNG
Arrow2.png 2010-01-29 - Bush, Near Lake Whakamaru, South Waikato Virgin-graticule.png East.JPG Geotrashribbon.png
Arrow2.png 2010-01-24 - Paddock, Taupaki, Auckland T2htemp2.JPG

Hashes Not Reached (6)

Arrow4.png2012-09-30 - Beach, Auckland
Arrow4.png 2012-02-18 - Roadside, Palmerston North
Arrow4.png 2011-12-05 - Bush, Erua, Wanganui MNB Ribbon.jpg
Arrow4.png 2011-07-12 - Woodhill Forest, Auckland Notrespassing.gif Geotrashribbon.png
Arrow4.png 2010-10-07 - Beach/River Valley, Parahaha, Manuakau City Boatless.PNG Brakes.png
Arrow4.png 2010-09-11 - Bush, Anawhata, Auckland
Arrow4.png 2010-06-07 - Bush, Omanawa Road, Omanawa Falls, Tauranga Notrespassing.gif

Hashes Planned

Hash Locations

  • Beach - 5
  • Bush - 7
  • Golf Course - 2
  • Paddock - 8
  • Park - 3
  • Private Residence - 6
  • Road/Roadside - 9

Hash Dreams


If onlys!