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This graticule covers the parts of the United Kingdom from 51° to 52° latitude, and from -1° to -2° longitude. It is centred on the M4 corridor, contains the city of Oxford and the towns of Swindon and Basingstoke. It extends as far as Winchester and Salisbury in the south, Cirencester to the west, Chipping Norton to the north, and the outskirts of Reading (although not Reading town centre) to the east. An inland graticule, it's only 0.68% covered with water (source), which makes water hashes unlikely.

Expeditions and Plans

Expeditions in this graticule are listed below in reverse date order. Here is a complete list of expeditions in the graticule without descriptive details.


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Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2020-09-09 Dan Q Successful expedition to the Vale of White Horse by electric vehicle and foot yes yes yes yes
2020-02-29 Macronencer Leap Geohash, Bentley Wood, West Tytherley no yes yes
2020-02-21 Dan Q Visited a hashpoint at the edge of the village of Curbridge. yes yes sorta yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2019-08-01 Dan Q cycled to Charlbury yes yes yes yes
2019-07-07 UnwiseOwl took the bus to Headington yes yes
2019-05-27 Dan Q cycled to a cul-de-sac yes yes yes
2019-01-08 Dan Q got his birthday geohash achievement yes yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2018-08-23 Dan Q gave up on his plans and hit a different graticule instead
2018-08-04 Dan Q achieved his first Midnight Hashpoint yes yes yes
2018-08-07 Dan Q was out standing in his field yes yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2016-04-24 Fatman, PH narrowly survived the horrors of the raptor nest at Andover yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2015-09-12 SpiritofMaurice lost his expedition virginity trying, and failing, to trespass on some idyllic and beautiful farmland just north of Salisbury, between Old Sarum and Stonehenge yes
2015-06-08 Geeoharee drove home from work along the A40 yes yes
2015-06-04 Geeoharee cancelled her plans after an unusual attack of common sense
2015-05-28 Geeoharee took a detour after work to a field north of Oxford yes yes
2015-01-03 Fatman spent his Saturday afternoon trudging around a farmer's waterlogged field near Ampney Crucis, Cirencester yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2014-04-21 Dan Q took his partner and her baby out to visit a hashpoint just 300 metres from his house, and then back via a couple of local geocaches yes yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2013-03-10 Jand opted not to knock on the door of the house containing the hashpoint
2013-04-02 Jand found new meaning for the circle of uncertainty alongside a field of cattle maybe
2013-04-06 Jand discovered hashpacas before being stopped by private land
2013-05-20 Jand, Jand's brother reached a hashpoint at their brother's shop yes
2013-01-17 Jand, Jand's mother drove to Andover with their mother yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2012-12-11 Jand, Jand's mother found their way to a frozen field without looking at their GPS yes
2012-11-21 Jand, Jand's brother didn't fancy getting Jand's brother's car stuck in the mud
2012-11-09 Jand got a lift to almost-the-hashpoint yes
2012-10-20 Jand, Jand's father got up early despite a party the night before to find a hashpoint in a field yes
2012-10-01 Jand cycled out and send a hashcard to NibblyG yes
2012-08-27 David Miller, Ryan Miller, KatieWheatley, Chloé Miller drove to White Hill to watch the sun rise yes yes
2012-08-21 Ali0sha, Ellie, Peter dragged company to have a picnic near Cuddlesford yes yes yes
2012-08-18 User:Ali0sha, Ellie, Peter planned to sit in a field near Cholsey at 1pm-ish but got to a locked gate yes
2012-08-17 User:Ali0sha cycled to the middle of a field in Cottisford yes yes yes
2012-08-05 Mapaholic, Vicky, David Miller took pie to a field near Stockbridge but didn't quite meet up yes yes
2012-06-30 Jand, Jand's father hoped for a water geohash but found that a recent drought had made their life easier yes
2012-06-04 Jand, Jand's brother Jand's father found a pub in Alderbury yes yes
2012-06-03 Jand got as close as possible to a hashpoint in a restricted area yes
2012-05-27 Jand visited a grass field about 6 miles southeast of Salisbury yes yes
2012-04-09 Jand, Jand's mother, Jand's father retroactively called this near-miss a success owing to the circle of uncertainty yes
2012-03-21 Jand bought a round in a pub near King's Sombourne yes yes
2012-03-21 Jand, NibblyG took a long walk in the dark and wrote song lyrics yes
2012-03-04 Jand, Jand's mother, Jand's father picked litter in a copse east of Salisbury yes yes
2012-01-17 Jand, Mad dog left school and went to Salisbury yes
2012-01-11 Alex, Joe trekked to a field somewhere south of Oxford and had lunch yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2011-06-18 Sourcerer travelled 662km from Norwich to complete a 9-square minesweeper achievement yes yes


Date Attendees Summary Reached? Tracklog? Photos? Video?
2010-07-31 DavidMiller, Ryan paid too much for a pint of beer at a hotel bar yes yes
2010-05-29 Sermoa, Mapaholic, Bluecont, David Miller, David Miller's kids met up on a Saturday in Micheldever, Hampshire yes yes
2010-05-28 Sermoa, Mapaholic, Durantelo went out at midnight and were pwnd by Mother Nature at a field of oil seed rape yes



  • 2008-10-11 51 -1 - Southampton people came North again.
  • 2008-05-31 51 -1 - A bunch of Southampton people went North. We'll remember to tell you we're coming next time, promise.


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Local geohashers

  • Macronencer lives in Southampton but will probably be coming North a lot for reasons of dampness.
  • Dan Q lives between Oxford and Witney


No longer active

  • Homsar has now finished at Oxford; graduating in November

Status unknown

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