Hash collision achievement

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Template:Hash collision

This user earned the Hash collision achievement
by discovering a geocache near the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

Anyone accomplishing this achievement can add this template to their user and/or expedition page.

Visit a geohash and, either through prior knowledge or pure chance, find a geocache on site of the hash. To count as being at the geohash site, the geocache must lie within sight of the circle of uncertainty of your GPS around the geohash coordinates. Placing a cache yourself does not count, unless you placed it before the coordinates of the geohash were announced, but you can place one that helps other geohashers later in the day win this award.


For proof, the contents of the cache should be photographed, particularly if it has a logbook; feel free to sign it. A link to a geocache site advertising that location would also be good.

Reverse collision

There is now a geocache listing, GC4JCB6, which reverses the challenge. In order for a geocacher to complete the challenge (akin to earning the ribbon) and be able to log the cache as found, the geocacher must find a geocache that is within 1km of a geohash location. It follows that any geohasher that has already earned the Collision Achievement has already completed this geocaching challenge. But rather than introduce geocaching to the geohashing community, this cache serves to introduce geocachers to the concepts of geohashing. Of course, to claim this geocache as found, one would also need to physically visit the geocache, which is located in Southern New Mexico, and it is unlikely that a herd of Geohashers will descend on the state to do so. There are other geocache listings that introduce the concepts of geohashing as well.

You will find another reversed challenge (Safari Cache) at www.opencaching.de: The geocache OCF495 in Berlin/Germany. This cache can be loged as son as you visit your first geohash. There is no need to travel to Berlin.


Honorable Mention

A geocache discovered within one kilometer of the geohash wins you the honorable mention.