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 0.673128104319 0.6073080067

Note: These coordinates became known on Friday 23 May due to a Dow holiday (Memorial Day) on Monday 26 May.


  • Brussels, Belgium - The coordinates for Brussels, Leuven and Louvain-La-Neuve are almost within reach. They are on the Boulevard de Lauzelle (the N250 motorway) just outside of Louvain-La-Neuve. We could meet by the side of the road, or very close by in the Avenue Des Clos. An ideal moment of rest for university students with exams on the way.
  • Cleveland, Ohio - In the lake. Probably not a good place to meet, unless you want to win a Water Geohash award.
  • Connecticut - A PERFECT location: Rocky Hill/South Glastonbury. Take I-91 north from New Haven or south from Hartford; take Exit 23 to West. St; turn left @ Route 99/Main St.; right @ Glastonbury Ave. to the Ferry [YAY! There's a ferry, even!!!]; after crossing, you're on Ferry Ln./Route 160; continue to South Glastonbury Center and turn left on Route 17/Main St.; take 5th left onto Red Hill Dr. into a residential dead-end; turn left, proceed to cul-de-sac there; park. Official coordinates are for the backyard of the house directly ahead of you, but for the sake of being nice, I'll be at the cul-de-sac itself. The view from that spot should be amazing, and the ferry ride makes it all worthwhile. 4PM.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark - A great spot in the middle of Copenhagen, right across the water from Christiania. Unfortunately, it's in someone's house.
  • Glasgow, United Kingdom - A few yards off Lochlibo Road in Ayrshire, just north east of Kilwinning.
  • Hamburg (West), Germany - A (the only?) junction in the small village "Klevendeich".
  • London West, United Kingdom - Just a couple of minutes walk from Amersham Station, the last stop on the Metropolitan line. Just a bit of tube hopping for anyone with easy access to an Underground station and a Bank Holiday Monday to kill. Looks like it may be in a back garden however!
  • Manchester, United Kingdom - A field with a nearby wooded area north east of Chorley, probably accessible, maybe farmland.
  • Mansfield, Ohio Located just off a low-traffic country road outside Lexington. Good spot for a meetup.
  • Newark, New Jersey - Off Route 287 in Liberty Corner, New Jersey near UAga National Golf Course. Appears to be a wooded area.
  • New York City In (or on, I suppose) someone's house in Baldwin. (Map)
  • Oslo, Norway - Located on Oscarsborg Festning, an island fortress. A return ticket with the ferry from Drøbak is 70 kr.
  • Panama North, Panama - Right in the middle of the sea... so, I wont go... not really planning on renting a boat today... but next time, we'll have a sailboat rental ready...
  • Providence, Rhode Island - A very quick hop off 95, to Route 3 North (Coventry), left on Harkney Hill, Right on Hill Farm. The map shows a tree jutting into the stream - that's it! Come join the busting of this graticule at 1pm!
    • I am going to attempt the 41, -71 graticule for Monday, May 26th, off Hill Farm Rd. in Coventry. Anyone in the RI area who has a boat - this might qualify for a Water Geohash. As I don't own a boat or possess levitation skills (necessary for Dagobah geohashing), I might be resigned to taking pictures from the very close land! Edit here if looking to meet up so times can be discussed (or is 4:00pm the default?). -Patrick
    • I'm attempting to find a way to get there at the moment, as I may not have access to transportation tomorrow. We (meaning anyone) can use my userpage to discuss any plans. --Yusuke 22:54, 25 May 2008 (UTC)-Yusuke
    • Victor Sorry man, wish I could. Work, ya know? Can you dig?
  • Richmond, Virginia - Directly on Shady Grove Road off of Pouncey Tract Road in northwest Henrico County.
  • Salinas, California - Within the city of Salinas, at the corner of Fern and Alisal streets (just N of the airport)
  • Santa Rosa, California - Inside Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, North of Calistoga. Looks like a hike, depending on where the park entrance is.
  • St. Louis, Missouri - Just west of the St. Louis Bandits Jr. A hockey arena, off of I-40, in Chesterfield, MO.
  • Sydney (West), Australia - A tree in the backyard of a house in Winmalee, near Penrith. There's a park nearby.
  • Toronto, Ontario - Right next to the runway at Pearson Airport. Unlikely to be accessible!
  • Trabuco Canyon, California - Located between Portola Hills and Trabuco Canyon, off of Live Oak Canyon Road.
  • Tucson, Arizona - Located in the middle of the normally dry San Pedro river with dirt road(possibly requiring 4WD) access near Mammoth and San Manuel. Considering recent storm activity, it may actually have flowing water in it, giving one of the few chances of getting the Water Geohash award in this graticule. Apparetly there is a ghost town called Copper Creek nearby to the east of Mammoth as well [1]
  • Vero Beach, Florida - In a farm land west of Vero beach. There is nothing close by, so if anyone else comes bring food, and games!
    • Me and my friend David are planning to travel there as be both have off from work (Yay Holiday!) If we make it we will have a surprise worthy of a great achievement. DMFlash and Kainz
  • Weymouth, United Kingdom Just outside a place called Abbotsbury, looks a tad inaccesible due to being out in the middle of some un-public-looking fields. Anyone with inside information of Abbotsbury and the surrounding area is encouraged to post, otherwise, if there's a pub in said Abbotsbury, that'll do!

Expeditions and Plans

São Paulo, Brazil user:brunoparga Even though this was available since Friday, for some reason I only checked...
Blue Mountains, Australia Chidget at -33.673129°, 150.607308° and can be viewed . A tree in the backyard of ...
Port St Lucie, Florida Kevin, David, Brie A swampy area west of Vero Beach
Richmond, Virginia stepol These coordinates are located in the Richmond, Virginia graticule on 2008-05-26. Coordinates are 37.673...
Reno, Nevada Someone went Ranch land northeast of Spanish Springs (about 1h or 21 miles by car from R...
Salt Lake City, Utah Taylor I semi-successfully reached this point. My final position was within about...
Mansfield, Ohio Ernest The graticule is located just off a country road either on the edge of, or ...
Providence, Rhode Island Patrick, 5 geohashers 41.673128°, -71.607309° The coordinates in the Providence graticule are in...
Hartford, Connecticut Pixel A PERFECT location: Rocky Hill/South Glastonbury.
Des Moines, Iowa Stretch, Killamanjaro, vonahsen In a park near Ankeny, IA.
Cedar Rapids North, Iowa Nfomi Meeting point was just to the west of Joy Springs County Park, and inside a...
Toronto, Ontario Sundie appears to be besides one of the runways at Pearson International Airport. ...
Portland, Oregon admalledd Nine geohashers found our way to this location, which turned out to be smac...
Manchester, United Kingdom M.Bryan First successful geohash reached in this graticule that has been recorded, ...
Hamburg (West), Germany Hermann A junction in the village "Klevendeich". I hit the road right after hours, ...

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